Green Apparel for A Better World


Fast Fashion has become one of the largest polluting industries in the world with croplands consuming around 25% of pesticides. Not only posing a harmful threat to our planet, the manufacturing processes used damage thousands of farmers and producers each year through chemical waste and labor intensive work.

Brands are becoming increasingly thoughtful around the clothing they’re producing. The use of low-impact dyes reducing the amount of toxic substances released into our environment to up-cycling natural materials and growing organic cotton free from pesticides, contribute to not only our planet but the hands behind the clothing we wear today.

We’ve outlined some of our favorite organic brands below which are ready to be printed with your logo!


Écologie by AWDis, commits to sustainability without compromising on style. Reducing the negative impact the apparel industry is creating for the planet, it’s mission is to inspire a generation to change.  Combining both elements, AWDis, have carefully designed the collection so that it not only makes you look good, but leaves you thoughtful about how each garment is made. Shop Écologie by AWDis.


Neutral®  creates a holistic approach driven by commitment to organic processes. Built on ethical environmental production, Neutral®  is a market leader in production of sustainable apparel. The latest collection illustrates sustainability and style at affordable prices. Shop Neutral®.


B&C guarantee organic cotton purity whichever style you buy. Certified by Oeko-Tex®, B&C ensure t shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts containing non-toxic materials harmful to people or to the environment. Shop B&C.


Workwear Packages

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Looking for a new look for your uniform?
Workwear packages offer a great way to cost effectively refresh your current workwear. With embroidery setup and embrroidery logo’s already included within the price, they provide excellent value.

Usually getting a new uniform from a new supplier will incur a setup charge for the logo, especially if you are ordering just a few items. However with a workwear package you can easily get your hands on new embroidered softshell jackets, embroidered polo shirts and embroidered sweatshirts as cheap as chips!

When using a local supplier you have the option of visiting the store and checking the sizing and quality of the garments prior to buying. This ensures you look the part and don’t have any ill fitting garments which are then unreturnable as they have your logo embroidery. Fit is becoming more and more important and manufacturers and suppliers are responding to this, so it is more important than ever to ensure you get the right fit for your logo embroidered clothing when buying.




Motown The Musical have been touring across the UK and we’re proud to be the chosen supplier of customised merchandise for the cast!

Touring the country from October this year, the musical will broadcast at a number of notable theaters including Edinburgh Playhouse, Bristol Hippodrome, Birmingham New Alexandra and many more.

Standing as a growing reputable garment customisation company, Motown had requested backstage robes to be embroidered with the musical’s logo in a central position. Upon the request, our team were efficient with providing quotes and visuals. The backstage robes provided by Motown were completed with our state of the art machinery to output a more detailed stitch

Motown will be touring up until October 2019. Be sure to see the show at a theatre near you!



Say Goodbye to Dull Winters with Personalised Winter Wear


In winter season, it’s time to enjoy a dashing look; it is very essential to stock up all essentials so that you not only look good but also stay protected. All trends must be explored this winter & the right kind of personalised winter wear must be purchased. From jeans to stockings, the right fit is needed.

Fashion must be redefined with personalised clothing. Given below are some of our picks which will make your dull winters lively.


Jeans are just perfect for winters; they are streamlined well and can be layered with different things. If you feel too chilly, then you must get one pair. Denim enthusiasts love to have this; from high waist jeans to low waist, you will find everything available in every shade. When you buy skinny jeans, you get a slimmer look.


This is another fashion which is prevalent in cold weather; you can opt for the GD057 which are soft in touch and look perfect. You can pair them with leather pants, trousers as well as midi-skirts. Moreover, they are known for their factor of affordability.


Jackets are a must have for all seasons; you can get a sturdy look with jackets. Choose from different styles like rough, classic, suede or biker jackets. The RG045  is always the first choice among our customers. Get personalised jackets with your name or logo today.


You can purchase any kinds of boots for winter. There are several types and styles that you can opt for. The PW317 is a great choice for those situated in a industrial enviroment. Fill in your winter shelves with such boots; they not only display fashion but let you experience a new style altogether.


Beanies are just perfect for winters. They come in various colors and are very soft and warm. Moreover, you can carry them easily wherever you go. Buyers prefer buying it many a times.

Personalized winter wear is always a good option. You get a good chance of experimenting with different patterns and designs. You shall get a style which you must have never seen. Scarves are another way to flaunt your fashion statement.  Just wrap the scarf over your shoulder and flaunt it in an amazing manner.

Choose a good store for such winter clothing.  There are many stores that offer personalised clothing at affordable rates.

Some stores offer excellence in clothing and have variety of apparels on offer. The personalisation options are many. Customised clothing is the best trend that can be followed; rather than common trends, it’s good to go for personalised clothing. It not only makes you stand out but also helps in setting a great impression.

Winter wear should always be classy and nice; it should reflect your personality in the best possible way.  Check your budget always before buying this winter wear. You never know when you will get the best one at best prices. Comparison must always be made while shopping; this helps to get good stuff without any compromise on quality.


The Importance of Activewear During a Workout


Are you ready for your daily workout session? You have taken your water, energy drink, towel and accessories. But are you not feeling comfortable during the workout and thinking what might be the reason behind this? Well! It might be due to your clothing. Yes, you heard it right, the clothing worn during a workout is as important as any other accessory. It is very crucial to choose the right outfit for the particular activity and condition in which you are doing your workout. Now let’s discuss some of the reason why Activewear is important while exercising.

1. It brings you psychologically to the workout zone

It is true that most of the reason to wear the perfect clothing during a workout is that of psychology. It brings you to the workout zone. Your mindset can put a huge effect on the accomplishment of your fitness program. You can mark the difference between wearing your regular dress opposed to your active dress while working out. Therefore, it is highly important to pay extra attention to what you are wearing during exercise.

2. Enhances your confidence

When you wear Activewear during your workout sessions it will surely enhance your confidence level. Your outfit will increase your motivation to a higher level.

3. Increases your comfort level

Workout clothes also increase the comfort level. The more you feel better about your clothing, the more you will develop a positive attitude towards exercising and you will continue doing so. Remember your exercise program should only be limited by the strength and endurance of your body, not the clothing.

You may feel a little awkward to think so much about clothing for exercising, however, to feel motivated and full of performance then choosing the right workout gear will contribute for the better.


How to Make Summer Cool for Your Family this Year?


Summer vacations are round the corner? Are you looking for some excellent activities to make the most of it? Well, summer seasons are always bad and make people sweat a lot. However, if planned well, you can definitely do some cool things this summer.  Escape the scorching heat of summers and do these activities to cool down yourself.

1) Swim, swim and swim
There can’t be any better activity than swimming. Take a dip with your kids and family members and this is indeed a great option for beating summer heat. Go to a nearby pool and have total fun.

2) Drinks!
Take in lots of drinks to cool yourself. Host a mocktail party and invite some guests over. Having some cool drinks will not only relax you but will also give you that chilled out feel.

3) Walk on the grass
Arrange morning walks for your family. Walking on the grass will control heat to a great extent. In fact, you will enjoy such morning walks once you start it. Just one hour per day would do good.

4) Water park
A family trip to water parks is indeed a great and a fun idea. Arrange a mini-bus and take it off to a water park. Enjoy splish-splashing in pools and have fun on slides and new rides. It’s in fact a perfect way to beat the heat.

5)  Hill stations
Go to hill stations and have complete fun. Plan a family trip to a nearby hill station and have a great time amidst the mountains. There can be no better way of soaking in cool atmosphere than doing this.

6) Outdoor activities
Outdoor activities are a perfect way to deal with that scorching heat. Plan some good ones with your friends and family and do it daily without fail. For example, night games or playing some games in the park will help.

7) Comfortable clothing
Wear loose and comfortable clothes. This is good for people who sweat a lot and can’t bear that heat. Choose clothing carefully from a reputed shop. Once you do so, you are sure to feel fresh.

8)  Ice-creams
Who doesn’t like to have ice-creams all day long! Enjoy your favorite flavors as they will give you the coolness you need. However, stay in limit. Everything is good when consumed in a limit. Eat ice-creams but maintain the quantity.

9) Exercise
Yoga is the best thing that one can indulge in. It would refresh you to the core and will also cool your inner self. So why not dedicate one hour to this?

10) Summer Activities
For adventure lovers, there are various activities that you can choose. Some include waterfall climbing, water rappelling and much more.

So basically, these are some summer activities that you can indulge in. Plan well and beat the heat perfectly this summer season. This is surely going to be fun and you will love it to the core.


Embroidery for Your Business

We have recently added 5 new embroidery heads to increase our efficiency, we use both Tajima and Happy embroidery machines
along with Madeira threads and backing which ensures the finest combination for garment decoration. This means a high quality finish and maximum longevity. Another benefit with our embroidery service is that there is no setup cost for larger orders; simply send over your logo or text with your choice of clothing and we will do the rest.

We aim to dispatch all garments out within 5 working days from date of order and provide help and support with images and graphics. We also offer a free on site consultation for established businesses – we will meet with you to show you some samples and recommend the best garments for your specific industry


Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing for Your Business

With the continuous advances in garment printing technology it is now viable to move away from high quantity screen printing orders. The main benefit of DTG printing for businesses is that there is no set up cost, no minimum order quantity and unlimited colours with high resolution printing at 1200dpi. At Bludog we use Brother GT3 printing technology with proprietary water-based, Oeko-Tex® Certified ink formulation. This ensures a long lasting print with a wide colour gamut unmatched by most other DTG systems.

Many Coventry based martial arts clubs are already reaping the benefits of this as it is allowing them to change their designs and clothing options in accordance to demand and seasonal fluctuations. There is no longer the burden of ordering in bulk with clothing going unsold for long periods of time. They are also now able to be a lot more creative with their designs; for example previously there was a tendency to go for a one colour logo on a bulk load of screen printed t-shirts whereas now DTG printing is allowing clubs to create bold full colour designs then place them behind the counter and take orders for a wide range of garments accordingly. This is followed by a maximum 5 working day fulfillment by Bludog.


Happy Festivities and See You In 2015!

During 2014 Bludog took operations to a new level. We have opened a retail counter in Coventry, added 5 new embroidery heads, doubled our dtg printing capacity and have also employed an in-house designer. There has been heavy investment in our e-commerce website and we are continuously adding new products. This leaves us in a strong position to start 2015 with a bang and make sure we are in tiptop shape to continue the standard of service we have been providing as well as out achieve in certain aspects. Our aim for 2015 is to reduce our turnaround times, increase our product range and design expertise aswell as push new services such as heat seal relabeling which is an incredibly economic way of relabeling clothing for small businesses and retail customers.

In 2014 there has been strong growth in our trade and retail customer base who are continuing to use our direct to garment (DTG) printing, embroidery, transfer printing and also our recently launched design services. We are fortunate to be working with a wide range of partners not only from Coventry but all around the UK which allows us to adapt our processes and find new ways to fulfill orders with the utmost efficiency.

End customers have included university societies, martial arts clubs, dance and theater troupes, fashion labels, multinational law, pharmaceutical and manufacturing firms as well as local tradesmen and smaller retail orders. Garments sold have included printed and embroidered t shirts, hoodies, uniforms, polo shirts, jackets, various articles of work wear aswell as complementary items such as embroidered towels, bags and hats.

We would like to thank all of our partners for their custom in 2014; nothing makes us happier than your continuous satisfaction with our service, value and reliability.

We wish you all happy festivities and hope to see you again in 2015!