Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing for Your Business

With the continuous advances in garment printing technology it is now viable to move away from high quantity screen printing orders. The main benefit of DTG printing for businesses is that there is no set up cost, no minimum order quantity and unlimited colours with high resolution printing at 1200dpi. At Bludog we use Brother GT3 printing technology with proprietary water-based, Oeko-Tex® Certified ink formulation. This ensures a long lasting print with a wide colour gamut unmatched by most other DTG systems.

Many Coventry based martial arts clubs are already reaping the benefits of this as it is allowing them to change their designs and clothing options in accordance to demand and seasonal fluctuations. There is no longer the burden of ordering in bulk with clothing going unsold for long periods of time. They are also now able to be a lot more creative with their designs; for example previously there was a tendency to go for a one colour logo on a bulk load of screen printed t-shirts whereas now DTG printing is allowing clubs to create bold full colour designs then place them behind the counter and take orders for a wide range of garments accordingly. This is followed by a maximum 5 working day fulfillment by Bludog.


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