Workwear Packages

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Looking for a new look for your uniform?
Workwear packages offer a great way to cost effectively refresh your current workwear. With embroidery setup and embrroidery logo’s already included within the price, they provide excellent value.

Usually getting a new uniform from a new supplier will incur a setup charge for the logo, especially if you are ordering just a few items. However with a workwear package you can easily get your hands on new embroidered softshell jackets, embroidered polo shirts and embroidered sweatshirts as cheap as chips!

When using a local supplier you have the option of visiting the store and checking the sizing and quality of the garments prior to buying. This ensures you look the part and don’t have any ill fitting garments which are then unreturnable as they have your logo embroidery.¬†Fit is becoming more and more important and manufacturers and suppliers are responding to this, so it is more important than ever to ensure you get the right fit for your logo embroidered clothing when buying.


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