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Latest News

Friday, 27th April 2018.

2021 Culture Club: Gold Member

We're glad to annouce our official Gold membership with the Coventry 2021 UK City of Culture Club. Recieving such award will open many doors and bring forth oppurtunites as a growing business as well as maintaing our level of customer service.

Need personalised clothing for your business or charity? Visit bludog.co.uk now to order. For enquiries or if you need help placing your order, please call us on 024 7722 0210 or request a quote here

FREE Bludog T-Shirt on offer!

Celebrating our success we have a free DTG Bludog T-shirt with our company mascot Hunter on there, so why not pop in and grab yours now and even have the chance to meet Hunter in person!. To qualify for your free item, your order has to be over £20. Whether you are looking for a one-off Polo shirt, Hoodie, T-shirt or looking to do a large order to go with your free item(s) then that is more than possible here at Bludog. We specialize in Embroidery, Screenprint, DTG (Direct To Garment) and vinyl so there are many ways to get your wildest designs onto any item of your choice! So hurry while stocks last!

Need personalised clothing for your business or charity? Visit bludog.co.uk now to order. For enquiries or if you need help placing your order, please call us on 024 7722 0210 or request a quote here

Monday, 16th April 2018.

Improved Vibrancy

It's an exciting time for our Direct To Grament (DTG) department. Significantly taking our machinery to the next level we've opted for the Brother GTX and we're more than pleased with the output of our prints. With the increase of efficiency and quality, we can now take full advantage of multiple colour prints at an affordable and speedy rate. The ability to produce vivid prints will allow a much more realistic representation of your design.

Need personalised clothing for your business or charity? Visit bludog.co.uk now to order. For enquiries or if you need help placing your order, please call us on 024 7722 0210 or request a quote here

Thursday, 1st February, 2018.

Our Winter Workwear Picks

Even though December has long gone and Christmas seems like a distant memory, we're still left with the cold weather to deal with. Dark mornings and dark nights are starting to fade, yet winter is very much still here, so why not make sure you have the right clothing to keep yourself and colleagues warm for the remaining month.

Here are our winter workwear picks for the month...

Regatta Thor III Full Zip Fleece - TRF541

This full zip fleece from Regatta is a great addition all year round, but in the winter months is essential. Made from fast drying fabric and a great warmth to weight ratio, this fleece makes and ideal choice for the outdoors. Constructed from anti pill performance, the Regatta III fleece will last when worn regularly.

Gildan Heavy Blend Hoodie - GD057

If you're looking for a basic hoodie to keep you warm throughout the winter, look no futher than the Gildan Heavy Blend Hoodie. The hoodie has been made of air spun fabric which makes the fabric retain softness over a period of time. Also, the GD057 is double-lined ensuring warmth and weight.

RTY Hi Visibility Motorway Coat - HV075

With dark mornings and nights this hi vis coat will keep you safe and seen. Encompassing two 3m bands around the body and arms you're ensured to be seen day or night. We would highly reccommend this hi visibilty coat for outdoor industries such as highway mantainance, airport personnel, couriers and so on.

Need personalised clothing for your business or charity? Visit bludog.co.uk now to order. For enquiries or if you need help placing your order, please call us on 024 7722 0210 or request a quote here

Wednesday, 15th January, 2018.

Marpe Assembly

As we're entering the new year, the demand for screen printed t shirts has boomed to a high. Marpe Assembly, a well established religious development organization, requested at total of over 200 t shirts and hoodies, that will be decorated with a double colour design both front and back.

The garments were of quick demand with the order being placed a single day before production. During this time, we were able to produce print ready artwork as well as finalising machinery setup. With the ability to turn-around over 200 items within 24 hours, including delivery directly to Marpe Assembly, we found success working with the client.

Need personalised clothing for your business or charity? Visit bludog.co.uk now to order. For enquiries or if you need help placing your order, please call us on 024 7722 0210 or request a quote here

Wednesday, 30th December, 2017.

Which T-Shirt Printing Method to Choose?

While there are a lot of t shirt printing methods, we'll help break down some of the differences between screen printing and vinyl transfer printing. By the end of this article we hope you have decided which method to choose, bearing in mind the important factors taken place during the process of both.

Typically, screen printing is more ideal when printing graphics that require a lot more colour and fine detail. Since vynl printing is more labour intensive, due to the manual process used, it's more ideal when printing fewer items that require less colours and layers.

Both methods are able to be printed on a wide variety of fabrications, meaning there are fewer boundaries in place compared to DTG printing, which recommends only 100% cotton garments. However, screen printing ring-spun items can produce a much more grainy print.

With screen printing, the cost per item decreases as you increase the volume. Therefore, a higher unit order will be much more cheaper to screen print. As for vinyl printing, the cost per item increases as the volume increases.

As you can see, there a lot of reasons use both nmethods. Ulitmately your decision should come down soley to the product your are tyring to produce. If you're still unsure on which method to go for, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!.

Need personalised clothing for your business or charity? Visit bludog.co.uk now to order. For enquiries or if you need help placing your order, please call us on 024 7722 0210 or request a quote here

Friday, 24th November, 2017.

Think Pink!

On Friday 20th October, Breast Cancer Now held one of their biggest fundrasing events in the UK. During Wear it Pink Day thousands of amazing people wore pink in their communities, schools or work places to spread awareness for the UK's largest breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now. Since the first event in 2002, over £30 million was raised for research that is working to discover how to prevent, treat and detect breast cancer effectively.

On our behalf, we were able to stock and print the Think Pink t shirts completey FREE of charge in our efforts to spread the awareness.

Need personalised clothing for your business or charity? Visit bludog.co.uk now to order. For enquiries or if you need help placing your order, please call us on 024 7722 0210 or request a quote here

Monday, 13th November, 2017.

Proud Sponsors of Local Boxers

Recently we teamed with an well-known local Boxer, David Nelson Seymour, prior his professional debut boxing match. Being one of Coventry's number one custom apparel companies, David came in touch with us in need of promotional screen printed t shirts for himself and the team for the upcoming match held at the Holte Suite, Aston Villa Football Club. The t shirts featured David's own personal branding followed along with reputable pro boxing sponships as well as our own in metallic gold ink.

Being a proud sponsor of David has opened many doors for us within the boxing community. We have now seen an increase of professional boxers making their way to us requiring sponsorships, promotional and prinited traning gear.

We'd like to congratulate David on an outstanding performance.

Need personalised clothing for your new business? Visit bludog.co.uk now to order. For enquiries or if you need help placing your order, please call us on 024 7722 0210 or request a quote here

Monday, 16th October, 2017.

The Importance of Durability

It is important to keep your team and staff ready for the colder days ahead, that's why we've added even more brands specialising in industrial workwear.

There is no predicting the weather whilst working outdoors. Hazardous conditions can be a horrible expereince if you're not maiking the right decisions about your protective gear. If you make an informed choice, not only are you making a concious decision, you will also differntiate yourself from the rest. Wether we're tralking heavy duty trousers, overalls or coats, we can provide long lasting comfortable workwear

 To view all of our industrial range click here.

Need personalised clothing for your new business? Visit bludog.co.uk now to order. For enquiries or if you need help placing your order, please call us on 024 7722 0210 or request a quote here

Thursday, 5th October, 2017.

How To: Thread a Bobbin for an Industrial Embroidery Machine

If you're new to the industry getting to know the embroidery machine can be a difficult task. That's why in this 'How To' video, we walk you through the basics steps of threading a bobbin into an industrial embroidery machine. Following our tutorials will make setting up your machines a simple task.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tips and tricks.

Need personalised clothing for your new business? Visit bludog.co.uk now to order. For enquiries or if you need help placing your order, please call us on 024 7722 0210 or request a quote here

Tuesday, 2nd October, 2017.

Establishing Brand Awareness 

Establishing brand awareness for you new business can be rather challenging when facing a huge number of start-up obstacles, although with the right guidance, getting your ideas out can be an exciting time. Questions such as What's my niche? How can i stand out from the rest? will often pass the entreprenur's mind, and that's where branding will play a huge part.

In the case of REIGN Theatre Arts Academy - a new and upcoming theatre academy specialising in the development of Drama, Musical Theatre, and Dance techniques, came to us seeking personlised workwear. With our many years of experience dealing with companies of different sectors, we used our knowledge to offer clothing just right for a dance club. We recommended a lightweight, fitted style - with high quality printing. REIGN were delighted with the results.


Consistency is important to us, that's why our design and print team took the time to get the logo and print just right. From idea to completion, creating branded workwear was very essential for REIGN. 

Need personalised clothing for your new business? Visit bludog.co.uk now to order. For enquiries or if you need help placing your order, please call us on 024 7722 0210 or request a quote here

Tuesday, 19th September, 201

BCUSU - We're Here to Help!

As we've approached Freshers Week 2017, the Birmingham City University Strudents' Union (BCUSU) required tshirts for their Welcome Team. Serving as one the Universities printing suppliers, we were set to complete over 1000 screen printed t shirts for the union in a 72 hour timeframe. To fulfill the order, the graphics were sent to our in house design team, which then required adjustments to be initialised for completion. This was all completed within the time frame and delivery was made on time.

Are you a member of a Students Union? or do you simply need printed t shirts, hoodies or workwear? Let us know here. We're Here to Help!

Monday, 21st August, 2017

Serious About Training? We're Serious About Printing!

The Gym Chef, one of our exisitng clients, recently placed an order of over 500 aprons to be screen printed on. We were asked to source a range of aprons that would be worn and advertised globally at several health and fitness exhibitions. To reach the specific print finish our client asked for, BluDog's print divison utilised the latest machinery and techniques to achieve the desired requirements. It was essential that all the aprons were completed within a strict timescale and budget.

Do you have plain clothing needed to be printed? Request a quote and let us do the rest.


Tuesday, 08th August, 2017.

Should You Have Your Logo Embroidered?

There are many great reasons for having your company's logo embroidered onto plain t shirts and other garments.
First and foremost, it creates a clear identity and brand. Having your logo embroidered will help you stand out from the rest and will draw the attention of your audience. The more someone sees your logo the more likely you're able to attain reputability and trust from your clients. An embroidered shirt is virtually a walking billboard. Embroidery also creates a more professional look for yourself and employees. It shows you as a company are serious about what you do and what you have to offer.
The durabilty of threads used at BluDog makes embroidery an outstanding option for industrial and heavy duty workwear.
So, having your company's logo embroidered on t shirts will bring many benefits. From building brand identity to earning trust from clients, will impact your business massively.
If you would like to see your logo or design on any of our garments send us a quote or call us on 024 7722 0210.

Friday, 23rd June, 2017.

Custom Printing and Embroidery

BluDog offers printing, embroidery and vinyl transfer on all parts of your garment. Whether it’s the collar, arm, back or even underwear, we have you covered! We offer a wide range of t shirts, hoodies, caps and jackets all waiting to be personalised by you, and if you’re stuck for ideas we can help with, logo’s, designs and print ideas.
BluDog do all the work for you, simply send us your design and requirements and we will create, pack and deliver your item in 5-10 working days! Enquire now for a quote.

 CUSU Alumni T Shirt Banner

Wednesday, 07th June, 2017.

CUSU - Alumni

From mock up to delivery, Bludog specialises in creating designs which complement the screen printing process whilst being cost effective and efficient. This applies to t shirts, hoodies and much more.
We have the ability and the skills to take care of the whole production process, so our clients can relax and get on with other things whilst we mock up, create, pack and deliver all within our usual time frame of 5 to 10 working days.

Thursday, 04th May, 2017.

NHS - Ripple

Recently, BluDog received an order from Ripple, an initiative ran by the Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. The order consisted of printed t shirts and embroidered hoodies with the same logo and colours. To complete this, we had to edit the colours to match their logo and handpicked the threads that represented the logo best. When it came to the t shirts, we used Photoshop to create the file and used saturation and hue to match the thread colours. We hand pressed the t shirts prior to printing to ensure the print was clear and crisp as possible. After the clothing was created we ensured all of items were cleaned, printed correctly and the correct sizes/colours.
Here at BluDog we do all the work for you! All you need to do is send us your logo and tell us your requirements. If you don’t have a logo, not to worry! We can also design logos for you.


Thursday, 23rd March, 2017.

Embroidery and Vinyl

Bludog have worked on a new production video. In this video we have contained the use of vinyl and embroidery. Embroidery can be used to give a clean finish with multi coloured designs and different sized designs, we can also embroider text and logos. Embroidery is also long lasting and looks professional as a crest or back. Vinyl Transfer is also a very good option, Vinyl is better for text and smaller orders but can also be used for logos. When in contrast these two techniques leave a modern and stylish finish to your clothing.
Bludog can supply a large range of clothes including, hoodies, tshirts and jackets! We will accommodate all orders and can help you find your ideal workwear, corporate wear, sports clothing or even promotional wear for less.

Tuesday, 21st March, 2017.


Bludog received an order from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, they ordered such garments as, polo shirts, zip up hoodies, sporting t shirts and fleeces. The design was a simple logo crest on all the clothing meaning the clothing looked contemporary and modern. A small crest design is discrete and can simply display your logo without having a high cost.
We can do any order, regardless of size, design or budget! With such a wide range to choose from look nowhere else for your workwear, promotional clothing or formal wear. Email us now on sales@bludog.com to help you find your ideal clothing.

Friday, 3rd March, 2017.


We were asked by Coventry University to create screen printed t shirts for their varsity games with Warwick University. In order to keep costs low it was decided the design should be one colour.
By using a high mesh count screen and half-tones we were able to create a design which was very stylised and showed the use of different shades whilst maintaining quality and creativity.

Tuesday, 7th February, 2017.


Bludog received an order from Holl&Holl a local installation company. They wanted a large range of company workwear including a beanie, hoodie and polo. Each item has 2 colour ways, heather grey and dark grey and the hoodies displayed personalised names!

We used embroidery to give a clean, prestige look. Bludog strive to complete any order large or small to the best of our ability, we can match any design or text! Enquire now for a free quote.




Tuesday, 24th January, 2017.


Bludog received an order from CCVR, for fleeces and polo shirts in navy. We were happy to do a sew out prior to starting the job, once this was approved by the client we made a start. Both fleeces and polo shirts were embroidered with a simple logo text design. 

By using the correct tension settings for embroidery we were able to replicate the logo on the fleeces as it was on the polo shirts, this made the embroidery consistent on all garments. Bludog can take on any order big or small and can embroider any design, enquire now!




Thursday, 19th January, 2017.

Addam Design

Last week, Bludog received an order from our e-shop for Addam design, they wanted 5 hoodies with large complex designs! we used many different techniques when creating these. We started started with the grey hoodie. using embroidery to create the crest and give a 3d finish and then used a 2 colour design which matched the company colours. We then used vinyl transfer for the arm as to the customers requirements.

Next, for the burgundy hoodie we used vinyl transfer on all the aspects of the hoodie. The design specified the logo should be placed on the arm and chest and the logo without text on the hood. Here at Bludog we do our utmost to meet customer requirements, whether it's t shirt print, workwear embroidery or anything else, to ensure that our customers have the finest products.




Ark schools banner

Tuesday, 17th January, 2017.

Ark Schools

Before Christmas, we created circa 200+ t shirts for Ark schools for a choir event. We used 2 different coloured t shirts with a single colour print design. The client wanted a simplistic look while still fitting in with a Christmas-sy theme! The clothing was ordered, printed, packed and delivered within 2 working days to 4 separate UK locations.

We have the capacity to fast track your design, print and delivery within short time periods and to take the stress out of your order, contact us for a quote now!




Tuesday, 10th January, 2017.

Dhillons Brewery

The perfect t shirts to go with the perfect beers! Dhillons Brewery needed a bulk t shirt and polo order completed in a short space of time, in multiple colourways. We looked at the design and worked out the best method to convey their brand image aswell as the quickest method to fulfill the order. It was decided that we would screen print the t shirts and embroider the polo shirts. 

The products were completed in house from start to finish, including the artwork prep so we were able to maintain the quality and through put in line with Dhillons brand values throughout the process. The end results were fab! Bludog offers screen printing, embroidery, vinyl transfer and digital printing on t shirts, hoodies and polos. Whichever method is used, the team here at Bludog will ensure you are left completely satisfied with your order.




Tuesday, 27th September, 2016.

BCUSU - Birmingham City University

As we continue to work in partnership with universities, Birmingham City University have been preparing for their freshers events and we have been their point of contact. Over the past few weeks, we've had the Student Saturdays, Team BCU, Tamil Society and many other student union t shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies in production.

If you're a student union or society and would like to work with us, you can send your inquiries here!




Friday, 15th April, 2016.

Why Not Save With Colour?

With our growing demand for screen printing, we can now allow a variety of colours on single design based screens. This way enables our customers to receive more value for money by splitting their design on multiple garments and then using extra colours that suit accordingly. 




Thursday, 7th April, 2016.

Feeling Stitchy?

Agra Palace, the award winning indian restaurant located in Warwickshire recently built a quote with us for staff uniforms and logo design. Our helpful team  assisted them throughout the complete process from production to the delivery of the finished garment. Originally the resturant requested polo shirts, t shirts, workwear shirts and a range of catering gear. With our consultation Agra Palace chose the option of having embroidered aprons with their logo ranging in size, whether the staff were working in the kitchen alongside chefs or if they were in the shop front.

Succesful? Very much. Agra Palace saw a huge improvement, not only from their existing clothing however their restaurant has become a more attractive place and the staff now look much more presentable.




Wednesday, 6th April, 2016.

Let's Blast Em'

Now you can WOW the crowd with the all new T Shirt cannon by BluDog! Do you have an upcoming event? Why not treat them with a special suprise? With our t shirt cannon you can blast promotional t shirts, giveaways and much more at your audience.

With the purchase of this package you'll recieve your supply of printed t shirts packaged and ready to be launched, a trained and qualified t shirt blaster from our friendly staff and a fully customisable cannon that can be used to launch t shirts, gifts or any promotional item at your desired range.

Up for it? Enquire now about the T Shirt Cannon by BluDog.



Friday, 1st April, 2016.

The Print Debate Continues

One of the most frequent questions our t shirt designers and printing team get is, "Which is better? Screen printing or digital printing?" Both processes are commonly used in the production of printed t shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and much more. As with many things, they have their pros and cons. Let's approach things fairly...

Screen printing, also referred to as silk screen printing, is most cost effective when ordering in bulk. This is usually down to the production side of things, the longer the run, the cheaper the unit cost. Going with the screen print option, you'll generally recieve a brighter and sometimes blockier print, however its difficult to attain the detail quality of a digitally printed garment.

Digital printed clothing on the other hand is the easier option for lower quantity print runs. This way you're able to attain detailed photographic prints which are widely customisable. The drawback of this option is that colour matching is much more difficult  whereas screen printed can be matched to the exact pantone colour. Also digital direct to garment printing is only possible using water based inks where as screen printing has a range of options for different looks and effects.

So what's your pick?




Thursday, 10th March, 2016.

School's Out! 

We've recently completed numerous school leavers clothing for schools and colleges in Coventry, Birmingham and London. Through consultation with the friendly team here at BluDog, many students have been able to get hoodies ready for leaving day. We offer a variety of production methods such as Direct To Garment (waterbased ink), Screen printing (plastisol ink), Vinyl Transfer and Embroidery. BluDog can provide services for individual naming, school logos, text and images for your chosen garment.

The AWDis Varsity Jacket and Pullover Hoodie are the most popular choices amongst the students. 

Big order small prices? Yes! 

All you need to do is request a quote either online or by phone.