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Printing Methods

We use the best technique for your design

Our team of embroiders work simultaneously with 15 machine heads for efficient production. Our Happy machines and Madeira threads provide highly durable results with a professional finish. This makes embroidery an ideal choice for long lasting businesswear, hospitality uniform or industrial clothing as it can withstand the pressure of any work environment.
This method works best with clear, simple logos so that text is easy to read and lines are crisp and clear. With such a professional finish, these garments are a walking advertisement for your own business.

Direct to garment printing, also known as DTG, is the ideal printing method for intricate designs with multiple colours, print gradients or tiny details. Garments are pre-treated to create a barrier that ensures ink will print onto the item rather than seep into the material. The items are then carefully placed into the DTG machine for designs to be printed directly onto them using our Innobella ink. Items are then individually dried to ensure a durable, high quality finish that stands out on the clothing.
This printing method is used for colourful designs, photographs, gradients or other more complex logos and is suitable for orders of any size.

Vinyl printing uses heat to transfer logos onto garments. Logos are digitally created and sent to the vinyl cutter which scores outlines into pieces of vinyl. Each colour of a logo is cut separately to be carefully peeled by the printing staff and then sealed onto the garment using a heat press. Each colour is positioned and placed one by one and stamped for a vibrant finish that stands out. Simple designs work best for this method
This method allows us to be a little more flexible with printing size to create larger designs for the back of hoodies and much smaller designs for face masks or baby garments for example. Vinyl printing can also be used on almost any item to guarantee consistency over a full range of clothing. See the below images for some unique live examples.

This printing method uses a custom made screen similar to a stencil that attaches to the large screen printer. Each colour in the design requires a different screen placed accordingly on the machine. Our screen printing team can then place garments on the first platen and allow the screen printer to move in a circle to each consecutive position. Rollers drag ink over each stencil to leave behind the design perfectly on the clothing. Once an item has made the full circle, our team can then remove them and dry them through a machine to set the ink in place.
This method is suitable for large orders over 100 garments and produces a high quality, smooth and glossy print finish.