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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts entered into between Bludog Ltd and its customers.

1. Bludog agrees to carry out the requirements of the customer in accordance with written specifications supplied by the customer to Bludog and recorded in writing between the parties.

2. Unless otherwise agreed payment for the goods ordered by the customer shall be made when placing order and if payment has not been made by the last day of month following delivery then interest shall accrue thereon at the rate of 8% per annum from the date of invoice.

3. Title or ownership in the goods supplied by Bludog to the customer shall not pass to the customer until such time as full payment has been made, full payment being the receipt of cleared funds in respect of the whole order relating to the goods supplied.

4. In the event of the customer wishing to change the design, artwork or other aspect of the order such request must be given by the customer to Bludog in writing. Bludog will use its best endeavours to make the changes in accordance with this request but must reserve the right to charge the customer the additional cost of any such changes arising out of this request and will notify the customer of the costs such as changes at the time of the request. Bludog also reserve the right to amend the initial delivery time frame should any changes to an order be required. Orders requiring new artwork will not be started until artwork is signed by customer.

5. Bludog points out that whether it accepts a return of goods is entirely at its own discretion excepting where the return of goods is as a result of the failure on the part of Bludog to supply the relevant goods in accordance with the order. Goods cannot be returned if individual design or embroidery work has been effected on such goods and/or the customer has used the goods and/or itself added the design or embroidery work.

6. All customisation designs must adhere to the artwork guidelines or be subject to refusal.

7. These terms and conditions are unless otherwise agreed deemed to apply to all orders and contract arrangements entered into between Bludog and the customer including repeat or fresh orders from the customer.

8 For the avoidance of doubt if these should be any dispute under these terms and conditions or the contract between Bludog and the customer then such dispute shall be dealt with under English law.

9. Bludog points out that these terms and conditions do not in any way remove, restrict, hinder or take away from the customer any of their statutory rights.